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The National Aquaculture Association's Mission is to provide a unified national voice for aquaculture that ensures its sustainability, protects its profitability, and encourages its development in an environmentally responsible manner.

Aquaculture is Agriculture

U.S. aquaculture farms produce a huge vareity of aquatic products that provide local jobs to thousands of rural, working waterfront and urban communities all across the nation. In 2022, 5,961 U.S. aquaculture farms produced  $2.2 billion in farmed products.  

Local and Healthy

Imported seafood travels thousands of miles to reach your plate with a high carbon footprint and less stringent safety regulations and inspections. Local, safe and fresh U.S. farmed seafood is low in calories and high in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. AHA recommends 2 serving per week.

Sustainable and Secure

U.S. farmers depend upon high quality water to make a living and are regulated at the federal, state and local level to ensure environmental sustainability. The U.S. imports 70-85% of the seafood we consume. Buying U.S. is the right choice for national security and the  environment.

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Speak Up in Opposition to EPA’s Formaldehyde Risk Evaluation!

EPA's proposed risk evaluation on formaldehyde is likely to trigger bans or unachievable workplace standards.Congress needs to hear from you and the NAA provides the tools to do so!

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Support these Important Aquaculture Bills! 

Through grassroots development and advocacy, the NAA actively pursues key legislative priorities which will benefit U.S. aquaculture farms and businesses.

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Review of USDA Regional Aquaculture Centers

USDA's Regional Aquaculture Center program is a unique and effective grant program for U.S. farmers and is dramatically underfunded.


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