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The National Aquaculture Association's Committees are the engine which drives our advocacy work.

If you would like more information about a specific National Aquaculture Association Committee.

Committees are staffed by industry professionals and members of the Board of Directors. Committees are created or disbanded based on their necessity. 

Aquatic Animal Health Committee

MIssion: Foster aquatic farmed animal welfare policy and regulatory decisions that are scientifically sound, promote and enhance the well-being of aquatic farmed animals, and are economically advantageous to domestic aquaculture.

Aquaculture Outreach and Education Committee

Mission: Investigate, ascertain, and recommend to the board beneficial outreach and education programs that may be implemented by the National Aquaculture Association to improve industry, consumer, and media understanding/perception of domestic aquaculture.

Auction Committee

Mission: Work as a group to make the auction more successful than the previous year. This is the single largest fundraiser for the organization.

Depredation Committee

Mission: Reduce the detrimental effects of piscivorous bird depredation at aquaculture facilities.

Leadership Development Committee

Mission: Develop future leaders for U.S. aquaculture through the implementation of a national and state leadership development program named in recognition of Mike Clark of Central Arkansas Fisheries. Mr. Clark was a very highly regarded hybrid striped bass farmer that died as the result of a tragic farm accident during 2017.

Marine Aquaculture Committee

Mission: Encourage and support the utilization of domestic marine resources for the development of a viable marine aquaculture industry.

Non-Indigenous Species/Aquatic Nuisance Species Committee

Mission: Monitor research, regulatory, and legislative activities and recommend appropriate actions to the NAA Board of Directors

Membership Development Committee

Mission: Continuously strive to keep the National Aquaculture Association as the voice for domestic aquaculturists by gaining active membership and participation from all facets of the industry.

Policies and Resolutions Committee

Mission: Coordinate the development of policies and resolutions that accurately portray consensus NAA positions, and to ensure that such policies and resolutions provide direction for and are adhered to in NAA activities.

Research and Technology Committee

Mission: Identify innovations affecting the aquaculture industry, based upon the industry as a whole to avoid any bias. The intent of the committee is to provide positive feedback to the aquaculture industry and emerging technologies to the aquaculture industry.

Transportation Committee

Mission: Foster scientifically and economically sound regulations and policies that facilitate the safe and efficient transportation of farmed aquatic animals and plants.

Seafood Safety and Security

Mission: Foster and encourage scientifically and economically sound regulations and policies that enhance seafood safety and food security.

Legislative and Governmental Relations Committee

Mission: Assist in the passage of federal legislation and regulations that are conducive to the growth and well being of the U.S. domestic aquaculture industry and to assist in the defeat of federal legislation and regulations that would negatively impact the U.S. domestic aquaculture industry.

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