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Shrimp Creole

Ingredients and Instructions

Ingredients: For: 24 Servings
Directions: Remove the shrimp in gallons from refrigeration right before cooking. CCP below 41 degrees
Weight Measure
Freshwater Shrimp 8 lbs 3 portions
per pound

Make the Creole Sauce first.
White onions, medium diced 1 cup 2 ea onions Medium dice the onions.
Garlic cloves, fine chopped 4 each Finely chop the garlic. Olive oil 4 fl oz. ½ cup Pour the olive oil in a cold sauce pan, add the onions & garlic and sweat without color until the onions are tender. Red Peppers, medium diced 1 cup Dice the red peppers, green peppers and celery the same size as the onions.
Green Peppers, medium diced 1 cup Add the peppers and celery to the onions & garlic. Celery, medium diced 2 cups Heat slowly to evenly heat through. Tomatoes, diced in juice 4 lbs Strain the diced tomatoes (save the juice), add to saucepan. Vegetable broth 1 quart Stir in the tomatoes and bring to a simmer, covered.
Add the vegetable broth and the strained tomato juice.
Taste and hold in a steam table to keep the Creole Sauce
above 135 degrees (CCP) as the shrimp are being cooked.
Olive oil 4 fl. oz.. Heat the oil in a large skillet.
Toss in the freshwater shrimp and quickly cook.
Once the shrimp have cooked, add the hot Creole Sauce
and mix together.
Adjust seasoning and heat depending on your population.
Serve in a bowl with Creole Rice in the center with the 8
ounces of Shrimp Creole ladled around the boiled rice.

Serving Size 8 fluid ounces Pan Size Oven Temperature & Baking Time:
Temperature Minutes
Yield 24 servings

Number of Pans Convection

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