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Trout en Papillotte with Celeriac Puree

Ingredients and Instructions

Ingredients: For: 24 Servings
Directions: Remove the boneless rainbow trout from refrigeration just prior to cooking in batches of 24
CCP below 41 degrees
Weight Measure
Rainbow trout fillets, boneless 9 lbs 24 @ 6 oz. Take the boneless rainbow trout; wash and pat dry.
Safflower oil 1 cup 8 fl. oz. Season the safflower oil with ground white pepper.
Ground white pepper 1 tsp. Brush the two inch hotel pan with the seasoned oil, place
trout fillets into hotel pan
Lemon Juice 4 fl oz. Mix the remaining seasoned oil with the lemon juice; pour
the resulting mix over the trout filets. Cover the hotel pan
with aluminum foil.
Place the covered hotel pan in a pre-heated over set at 350
degrees. Check in 12 minutes for internal temperature of
145 degrees (CCP)
Make the celeriac puree
Celeriac, well peeled and cut in medium dice 2 lbs Peel the celeriac and place in lemon water immediately to
prevent discoloration. Dice the celeriac.
Chef Potatoes, peeled and cut in medium dice 1 lb Dice the potatoes into the same size as the celeriac and
simmer in lightly salted water until the celeriac is tender
and the potatoes are totally cooked.
Drain the cooked celeriac and potatoes well and mash-do
not run through a food processor as the resulting product
will become doughy.
Fresh Parsley finely chopped 1 Tbsp. Add the finely chopped parsley to the puree.
Ground white pepper 1 tsp. Lightly season with ground white pepper.
Set up your plates with the celeriac puree as a base in the
center; place the poached rainbow trout over the top of the
puree, flesh side up. Serve immediately.
Serving Size 1 fillet Pan Size 2 inch hotel pan Oven Temperature & Baking Time:
Temperature Minutes
Yield 24 servings Number of Pans 2 Convection 350 degrees

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